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  • Chris Bishop

Have I been busy? Who's busy? I'm not busy. Maybe you're busy. Ok, I've been busy. I have been very lucky to intern at some really great agencies, and I can't wait to see what's next. Anyway, let's talk about Mr. Robot.

Mr. Robot is another one of those shows that I watched way after the hype was over. I didn't really know how popular it was until recently. On the surface, I did not think I would enjoy watching this. I'm glad to say I just finished watching Series 4 of Mr. Robot, and I have some cool anecdotes and of course the review.

About this time last year, I worked at an Apple store as a product zone specialist in Miami FL. Around January of this year, I met Christian Slater in person. Did I know he was a celebrity? No. No, I did not. I had no idea. Thinking back, he did a good job disguising himself. After I helped The Mr. Robot (Christian Slater), I quickly moved on to my next customer. My customer says:

"You just helped the guy from MR. ROBOT."

I had no idea what this show was or who he was. I did a quick google search, and I just laughed. At the time I was like oh ok cool. I can't say my coworkers were fans of the show either.

Fast-forward to present-day 2020-2021 when finding something new to watch is as hard as finding public toilets in Times Square. I have seen everything. I even watched Dance Moms during my April trash reality TV phase. Dance Moms is great don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. So I'm watching Mr. Robot and the whole time I'm thinking: I met Christian Slater and I never got a selfie.

The show itself is refreshing. Season 1 can be intentionally slow for the simple fact that it needed some exposition. The series 1 finale is fantastic and doesn't fall into the trap of setting up for season 2 with an annoying cliff-hanger.

Season 2 is really where the show is put to the test in terms of story and direction. I came into season 2 thinking that it was going to be boring. I was very wrong and found that Elliot's mental health problems were really well explored through clever story-telling. Sam Esmail wanted to challenge the audience through some deception. Sam Esmail chooses to hide key story elements from the audience on purpose to narrate how someone with this mental disorder sees the world.

Season 3 was probably the best season overall. Season 4 would have been truly great if they had dropped one story thread related to season 1 that no one cared about. I literally consider this one episode a filler episode. The cinematography is spot on.

I give Mr. Robot an 8/10

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