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  • Chris Bishop

Ok, new Marvel movie new review let's go. I was actually kidding when I said all I would do was write Marvel movie reviews for the rest of the year, and yet here we are. I guess I can't be bothered to write about insightful movies like Four Good Days or Sound of Metal. I'm trying here I'm really trying.

Anyways, Eternals was directed by the extraordinary director Chloe Zhao. She is of course well known for her Oscar-winning film Nomadland which is about as far away from the MCU as it gets. I am going to cut to the chase and say that Eternals was not that bad. There is a lot of noise around this film in regards to politics, and I guess I can sort of address that briefly. When I heard about this movie I did not get the impression it was going to be politicized. I saw the cast, I saw the comic book characters and I thought nothing of it. The character of Sprite is now played by a girl instead of a boy, ok cool. Ajak the Prime Eternal is now a woman, also cool. Decisions were made, and I don't think a single person complained. I think that Marvel wanted to make a statement with Eternals, and the message got lost in the mess. The message of inclusion is fine, and to be honest with you I am so bored to death with the message I didn't think much of it. It's one thing to make a film with gay characters, but it's another thing to demand people must approve of it because of said cause. This movie is diverse therefore if you don't like it... oh there's something wrong with you. That simply cannot be the case.

Disney can make films about all the diversity in the world, and at the end of the day, it loses meaning because they are so eager to pat themselves on the back. Disney is like that popular girl in school that does charity so that she can run for class president. Does she like charity? Sure. But would she do it if it didn't help her get ahead? Hell NO. We know you're full of shit Disney!

Ok so the movie itself is fine. The characters are interesting. The plot is above average for an MCU movie. The first act of the film is pretty solid. I would say that the Eternal with the most screen time was Sersi and that really helped the film have a good point of view. Ikaris was also one of the main Eternals I thought his character development was the most interesting. He had the most to deal with internally. And I could really feel a lot of compassion for him by the end of the film.

The second act was not my favourite. Chloe Zhao did her best to make the second act as entertaining as possible, and it worked to an extent. This movie time jumps a lot because essentially they are giving us the background on the Eternals over a 7000 year time period. Druig was probably my favourite character. The few scenes he did have I thought were amazing. I ended up liking Phastos a lot more than I thought. Thena's character arc was fine. I wish they had done more with Makari's character. Sprite annoyed me. I found Kingo's character very flat. The whole comedy thing with the camera guy was meh.

By the end of the film, something happens that actually took me by surprise. I would disagree with people who think that the ending was sloppy. I think the ending was pretty solid overall. I would just tell people nothing can be as sloppy as the What if... series 1 finale.

I'm giving this film a 7/10

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