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  • Chris Bishop

Mulan is the newest member of a long list of live-action remakes from Disney that hit Disney+ earlier this month. As many of you know, I think Mulan 1998 holds a very special place in my heart. I started to learn mandarin when I was 16 more than 10 years ago. Over the years, I would meet dozens and maybe hundreds of Chinese friends all around the world.

I love Chinese culture, I love Asian centric representation, and I love my Disney classics. Having said that, this film is truly lazy. This movie was boring and basic. Disney should be ashamed of themselves. The new Disney is now openly disrespecting what came before. As a whole Disney doesn't care. You can feel the lack of time and care Disney affords their movies. Disney just does not care anymore. As long as they make a few hundred million at the box office, they do not care. I am frankly sick of it. Also, this film finally proved to me that Disney does not do their research.

Disney said: "Hey here's a great diversity piece on loving yourself, but this time, let's lose all emotional impact". This film could have been amazing. They could have had an actress who actually looked like a boy. Liu Yifei, the lead actress, is great I'm happy she got the part. There are so many other female actresses who would be more believable as a male soldier. I would have loved to see a trans-female play the part of Mulan. China already has problems with regarding light skin tones as better than dark ones. China already has hundreds of female actresses that look exactly like Liu Yifei. It is very difficult for women to feel beautiful in a country with so little representation for dark skin Asians. Hey Disney do you care about representation? No, you don't you might say you do, but we all know what you actually care about.

China is a huge market for Disney, and after the pandemic, it was probably one of the most important countries to appeal to in 2020. So having said that, how does Disney appeal to Chinese people? Make the lead actress light-skinned, and make the film about family. Oh, and by the way, the villains are all dark-skinned Asians. Coincidence? I do not think so.

Let's get into the fighting sequences. They're too choreographed. Every fight scene is the exact same. Oh look it's a training montage: Mulan is hoisted up by invisible wires and kicks a spear through an enemy. Oh look, bad guys: Mulan is hoisted up by invisible wires and kicks a spear through an enemy. Oh look the witch lady: Mulan is hoisted up by invisible wires and kicks a sword through an enemy.

Mulan is also magically good at everything always. Mulan doesn't fail at anything. She always looks great. Again, that is another reason why this movie feels plastic. Live-action remakes for the most part need to rely on a spirit of their own in order to survive.

I can't talk about this film anymore. Please don't pay 30 dollars for this film. Please Just wait for it to become a normal part of Disney+.

I give Mulan 2020 a 4/10

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