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  • Chris Bishop

Last week we were graced by a very bizarre yet insightful Emmy Award ceremony. I was personally very glad to see the cast from Schit's Creek take away their very well-deserved trophies. While scrolling through the list of winners on some random website, I spotted something very interesting. A show called Succession beat The Morning Show for best TV Drama. My immediate thought was, how have I not heard of this show, and is it really that good? In episode 1, I very quickly realized that yes it is that good, and I haven't seen everything.

I decided to binge-watch season 1 in about four days. Each episode is actually about an hour-long. Succession hit me in the same way that a nice steak hits hunger after a long day of work. Character dialogue feels sharp and witty. When they try to go for dry humour, it hits. When they try to go for sad, it hits.

I appreciate good writing when I see it and this show's writing is almost impeccable. This is a very realistic look at families born in wealth. The pace of the show is great. I feel like I don't have to try very hard to keep myself interested. The main characters are all well defined from the start. Every story thread is carefully outlined and intersects right at the heart of the story.

Shows about rich powerful people who do bad things have existed in the past. I was a big fan of House of Cards from Netflix. We all know how that turned out. I was heartbroken. And to this day, I will never watch the final season of that show. In any case, this drama is smart, the characters are not. Watching this show you get the sense that these people exist in real life as part of big corporations.

There are many layers to this show that I did not anticipate as the story develops. By the end of series 1 you get the sense that there is a strong plan for the future of the show. Every creative execution from the opening of the show to the writing feels as if we are watching a true story rather than a work of fiction.

Apparently, there was a meme that arose from the opening theme song that I was completely unaware of. Again, I don't know how this show flew under my radar. At the time I write this, I still don't know anyone else who watches this show. With that being said, I need to invent an app where you can openly talk about a show or movie with complete strangers. No not twitter.

Like many other shows, there is one outlier main character who might need a bit more screen time. His story thread sticks, but is the least memorable. I would love for Connor's character to have his flaws more exposed to match his well-developed siblings.

All in all, there is a lot about this show to unpack. This show has a strong future. With that being said, I love The Morning Show. Succession is just better in every single way. This show gets a 9/10.

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