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  • Chris Bishop

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is doing well. I am in the middle of one of the busiest quarters in portfolio school. I am truly so excited about a new screenplay that I am working on. It is titled No Escape. So I am still in the early stages of creating a very solid ending. I still don't quite know how I will plan the ending. However, this screenplay is in the horror genre. This story follows the story police officer who was adopted as a baby in New York City. She gets a call from her birth parents and they say that they would like to meet her back on the outskirts of Toronto Canada. Her birth family was part of a cult, and she soon realizes her birth parents might not be who they say they are.

I am doing a lot of great things next month. I have a great AD that is collaborating with me to create a mobile game revolving around the Coronavirus.

I do plan to do a review of the new Peackock series Brave New World. Other than that there is not a film that I feel too crazy about reviewing. However, you just never know what I might find one Friday night after searching for at least half an hour.

Everyone stay safe!

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