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  • Chris Bishop

Hello! I hope everyone had a good holiday season. At the time of writing this article, I am just hours away from the new year. I promise I am completely sober. 2020 was the year to binge-watch everything. Staying home really did a number on my viewing history. This year I really got to see a lot of good shows on my various different platforms. I want to quickly mention some of the shows I watched over the year and quickly give my opinion in one sentence or less. Here we go!

Netflix - Ok so Netflix needs to keep up with the competition. They do not have a lot of shows with a big budget, and they are not really marketing the right stuff. I have to scroll for hours before finding anything.

- Schitt's Creek: I told my landlord I ran out of things to watch she said: "Have you seen Schitt's Creek?". After about 10 episodes I was hooked.

- Ozark: This is one of those shows that is top 5 for me. It does not feel like a Netflix show because it is so damn good.

- The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Good, not great

- Grey's Anatomy: Yea, this show is crack. I am Christina Yang.

- The Queen's Gambit: Anaya Taylor Joy is amazing in this and I'm glad we get a cool glimpse at the world of competitive chess through the eyes of a teenage girl. We need more stories like this.

- The Good Place: This show was one of the first things I binge-watched from start to finish back in March. If you like philosophy and religion this is the show for you.

- The Witcher: I really really want to love this show, but I was not overly impressed.

- The Great British Baking Show: This is my happy place.

- The Office: I rewatched a few episodes here and there.

- Cobra Kai: It's good, but not a must-watch.

- After Life: I miss British comedies so much.

- The Umbrella Academy: I LOVE THIS SHOW

- The Politician: I watched this in the early stages of the pandemic. It's good, but not my favourite.

- The Crown: This is another one of those shows I watched because I ran out of things to watch.

HBO - Ok so I had HBO on Amazon Prime before I got HBO Max. So I am combining everything available on HBO on this list. While I think I watched fewer programmes on HBO, I still think they have the best content hands down.

- The Sopranos: Yes, I am starting the list with basically some of the best writing in a drama.

- His Dark Materials: This show is amazing. The book is better we know already.

- The Wire: This is another one of those must-see shows.

- Watchmen: It's too bad there will not be a season 2. This show was incredible.

- The Flight Attendant: I am only a few episodes in, but I am not impressed.

- My Brilliant Friend: It's in Italian. It's amazing

- Succession: This is my favourite show in 2020. The writing feels very refreshing and new. Everyone should watch Succession at least once in their life.

- Doctor Who: I can only watch up to series 10. The new writing in Doctor Who is very upsetting.

- Friends: Who doesn't like Friends?

- The Outsider: Really good

- Titans: 😩 When people who don't know the source material get together in a room this happens.

Amazon Video: They just need to do better marketing for their shows.

- Mr Robot: This was my number two fav of 2020. I met Christian Slater at an Apple Store when I used to work there.

- The Boys: This show is Amazon's ace in the hole. Series 2 was too good.

- The Pitch: It's a show about advertising.

- The Only Way is Essex: This is what I watch if I start to feel too American lol.

- The Simple Life: Guilty pleasure

- Dance Moms: I was desperate for entertainment

- America's Next Top Model: I watched way too many seasons of ANTM.

- Vikings: INCREDIBLE. This is a must-watch.

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