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  • Chris Bishop

I went into this movie completely blind. I knew that this movie got very mixed reviews (not a new concept). Star Wars The Last Jedi anyone?

I’m writing this review right after watching the film which is a new thing for me. This is also going to be my first official review on the blog. There are other movies featured on this blog that will get brief mentions and rants, but not official reviews. The two are similar, but I am much more formal with my reviews.

Ad Astra is a science fiction film now available on the vast network of HBO streaming services that I don’t care to count. This film follows the life of an astronaut played by Brad Pitt who is given a mission to save his father who is in the planet Neptune.

After watching this film, I finally understood why it got the reactions it did. I can understand that any science fiction movie can seem unrealistic. And if you loved Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, this film might not be for you. I say that with two things in mind. Interstellar did a good job explaining the science behind space travel. Interstellar is also about the family as a whole. Ad Astra is about a son who is placed in a difficult position.

After having said that, some people will think that this film has similar tropes to those of other space travel movies. I really love Interstellar. I also really like Ad Astra. These movies are about space travel, but they tackle problems we face with our own families.

Ad Astra is the kind of movie you watch by yourself with an open mind. Again, this is a smart look into how sometimes our own fathers make decision we have to live with. I don’t want to go too much in detail, because again this is spoiler free. But the ending does stay with you.

I should also mention that Brad Pitt was perfect for this role because he brought a serious dignified portrayal of his character. There are scenes where a different actor would have over-acted, and that would have brought the whole film down.

This is not my favourite science fiction film by any means, but it’s worth watching.

I’m giving Ad Astra an 8.5

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