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  • Chris Bishop

Apparently Apple’s strategy for beating Netflix is creating dark shows with terrible endings. Here’s the thing Apple, I would love to read the book this show was based on. I would love to see exactly what you were trying to do with that ending. Hear me out.

Shows about solving murder can take many directions. You can do a slow burn, and solve the murder with the audience as if they were in the room. You can do different points of view with conflicting stories. You can then force the audience to chose a side. The options are endless. You decided you were going to use two points in time to tell the story (Great). There’s nothing wrong with that. You chose to start the show in the future after the trial. You then chose to arrange the story in a way that made us want to know the truth and how we got to that ending. In the end, this narrative structure didn’t do anything special. You didn’t follow through with a release of tension in the end.

I will give you points for not being predictable, but you lose points for being basic. The show promises answers coming from all of these different angles. And at the end of the day, you never answered most of the questions you set up.

This show is a watered down version of The Killing. That’s the best analogy I have a t the moment.

They could Have ended episode 8 early with a definitive answer to the big questions, or they could have given the show at least 1 more episode.

For some reason you only did 8 episodes. Really Apple? I know your production budget didn’t run out.

I loved The Morning Show. The Morning Show had 10 episodes, and the ending rocked my world. In the other hand not all your shows are very good.

I think M. Night Shaymalan’s Servant does something similar to Defending Jacob. Both endings are flat.

These shows aren’t horrible. I think most people can enjoy them. I actually liked what this show was trying to be. All the acting was great. I thought Chris Evans gave the performance of his career. Chris Evans proves he can do dark drama.

I really want Apple to try hard to make the next Breaking Bad.

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